September 20, 2015


LED for the VIP (and all the rest of us)

Featured Image -- 1954

Originally posted on Audio Warehouse / Connected Lifestyle Engineering:
There you are, facing a rather long aisle of quite an assortment of light bulbs. My, how things have changed. And perhaps you, being the sexy sophisticated person you are, have decided that since you are yet again replacing that same old incandescent bulb, maybe now is time…

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December 21, 2014


Public Holiday Unadventures of South Landia


Walk with me: I’m sitting eating brunch in a superficial, modern, chain-store version of Tex-Mex, which nevertheless always has fairly fresh ingredients and a lovely greeting when you come through the door. It sits in one of those sprawling shopping centers which is now way cooler than those so-yesterday indoor malls (please). Apparently, we’ve decided […]

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May 25, 2013




Jack hesitated when he finally found the blood-red door and noticed the skeleton for a handle. Just part of the show he assured himself, since he was still in the safer tourist part of the island. Still he had to will himself to continue on, ignoring the internal physical protest. The sun was setting on the main […]

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March 17, 2013




Closing his eyes in the darkness, the sound and vibration of the C-47 in its rapid decent reminded him of the row crop tractor they had finally been able to afford when he was a young teenager. With this many nervous men packed into heavy machinery, the smell was getting familiar too. He pondered, in […]

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October 28, 2012


Land Snark


Snark. The fuel that is propelling our current American culture. Land of the Free, protected by a shallow moat of snark infested waters. It’s the new capital in capitalism. Want to be King Rat of the rat race? Snark is your bait cheese of choice. Want to be involved in the governance of this fine […]

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October 14, 2012


Plastic Pastoral

Beauty Shot

I am in love with this picture. I really am. I’m giggling right now as I type. Every time I see it, I at least smile. Which is apropos to its origins into my little world. As many of you that know me on the ol’ Facebook are aware, I post a couple of silly […]

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September 29, 2012


Just a Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down


Let’s just be straight about this: It’s all bullshit. Well, not really IT. IT is what IT is. I’m talking about your notions and versions of what it all is. Your -isms. Your pretty little encompassing boxes with colorful, thematic wrapping and maybe a nice bow or some other appealing accessories to make it presentable, […]

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September 22, 2012



blue rays

Blue. I know her well. No, she knows me well. She has been with me from the beginning. She has loved me from the start. She taught me to feel. How the taste is so bittersweet. I did not know she was Blue then. She was just pervasively there. There was no distinction to be […]

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April 14, 2012


Thank You…


Cancer. The big ‘C’. With a daunting record across all weight divisions, truly an often overwhelming opponent. One of Mother Nature’s greatest bastard son champions, as she reacts to maintain equilibrium. His success due to his distinct lack of the speed and flash of his more glorified brothers and sisters. No, he is more quietly methodical. Insidiously […]

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April 1, 2012


Mad Season


I’m sorry. Let’s just get that out, right up front. I hereby formally apologize for anything I may say or do, now or in the near future. It’s April. And it’s my Mad Season. It starts with today, naturally. April Fools’ Day. My birthday. Really. Fitting, isn’t it? Sharpen’s the picture somewhat, yes? You think […]

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March 27, 2012


Adventures in Group Therapy


I went into that first Narcotics Anonymous meeting like I’ve gone into so many things: wide-eyed and daunted. One of the reasons I had picked this group, beyond the proximity to the homestead, was the size of the group. More people meant more anonymity.  “Nothing to see here, folks. Let’s keep moving…” My reason for being […]

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March 18, 2012


Black Hills & Badlands


John suddenly paused as he approached his rig from across the expansive parking lot. Something his body did without waiting for his brain to request it. His brain was more occupied with making sure he got to the truck with two six-packs, two chili dogs, and two packs of cigarettes still in balance. He caught […]

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March 15, 2012


“Hey, Man. You Guys Know ‘Free Bird’?”


There you are. Up on stage. Cheap par can lights with color gels duct-taped over them are heating the side of your face from an intimate distance. The atmosphere a southerly stew of stale beer, cigarette smoke, hair-spray, and “Yeee-eeee-eeew!” You’ve made it through the first little three-rock-block of cover tunes to open your set […]

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March 3, 2012




I remember waking up and not really knowing where I was. Seeing the square grid of the overhead bunk’s undercarriage wasn’t helping much. The snoring in a corner of the metallic cave gave a clue… Oh…yeah… …any minute now a mostly hairless Smokey the Bear (hat, and all) was going to burst into these old barracks at the […]

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February 25, 2012


Solo Social Sabotage

red silk

I want you to do something for me: The next time you are attending some fancy-pants party or affair, the more formal the better, I want you to shave. Not the usual stuff that is visible, I’m talking about the naughty bits. A few words of caution, or perhaps preparation, are in order. A craftsman/woman […]

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January 14, 2012


I’m the Map


I don’t mind telling you I’m a bit lost right now. I remember one time when I was a young tween-ager at some campground up north with my folks. I think it might have been one of those RV trips through Pennsylvania Civil War battle fields, or something. Anyway, this place had bike rentals and […]

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December 11, 2011


Wooden Ships


Adagio sostenuto When I sleep, I usually have dreams of ants. Sometimes, of being an ant. Sometimes, I am alllll of the ants. Sometimes, I am an ant inside myself…seeing myself…exploring myself… Experiencing my-self… In other dreams, the awareness gently withdraws, and I am the vast, weaved web of the sweeping ensemble…yes… My dreams may […]

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December 7, 2011


Love’s Serenade

Lisa & Aaron

Lisa’s Song Demo ’95 (Music link. Give it a few seconds to start, depending on your network speed.) It has been a little while since I posted some of the music I’ve made over the years. This song probably should have been the first. It popped up in my iTunes shuffle at work today, and I tend to […]

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December 3, 2011


Gradgrind On This!


So the perty boy took the nite off…to go play with that perty little wife of his if he’s smart as he thinks he is…and said I could write somethin’. He’ll probly just go play with himself…all uppity and shit. I told him “Hey I got a story for your ass. Lemme at this bloggity […]

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November 26, 2011


In Through the Out Door


We are somewhat diametric creatures, so the story goes. Those quick on the uptake readily recognize that we are animal. Inspection reveals a chemically charged bag of bones. A collective of evolved responses to physical stimuli, if you will. And for some of us…hell, perhaps many, we can stop right there. The view is just fine, […]

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