Way of the Beta or A Fish called Bruce

June 21, 2011


OK…first things first: So, I’m channel surfing the other night, and I come across G4’s ‘Movies That Don’t Suck’. In this case, it is actually true, because they are showing “Way of the Dragon“. I mean, even with the comically bad overdubbing, watching Bruce Lee on film is like watching a Beta Fish in a bottle. (Please do not tap on glass. For the love of God, please do not do odd, provocative, patchouli-flavoured dance while staring directly at the Beta!) I’m halfway watching (again) while trolling the interwebs, when I notice the famous Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris scene starting. After watching Bruce whip ass like a caged mountain lion, it finally dawns on me…after all this time…why the great American Chuck Norris loses this fight: NO BEARD! Chuck, babe, with that pageboy haircut you might as well don the red shirt of the Star Trek landing party. You are going down, bro. Laws of the Universe. But all is still right in the world. Bruce was the man, while Bruce was the man. (And still is to me, for reasons beyond fighting. Namaste, sir <bowing>) And now that Chucky has The Beard,

Mr. Norris to you...

he is an unstoppable force of the Universe. I feel better now…let’s move on…

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One Comment on “Way of the Beta or A Fish called Bruce”

  1. Eden Says:

    Beards are awesome…


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