I wrote a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it go! Part Duh…I mean deux…

July 22, 2011

My Music

I bought a small Pro-Tools rig about 3-4 years ago, when we moved to the house we’re in now. I’ve been fiddling with writing and recording music since I was a teenager, and this seemed the next logical step. Especially since I wanted to work with some other friends who had digital recording setups. That part didn’t work out so well, and frankly broke my heart a bit. Such that I haven’t really done much since that first initial excitement of having new toys wore off. This is the one demo I did make for myself, back then. I did all but the djembe drum track. I go through spells of wanting to do more music again, and it is creeping up, once more. I think I will be blowing the dust off some gear this weekend and firing it up. We’ll see who ends up making some music, me or the Little Man…

Don’t Look Down Demo (audio link)

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