Tall Water

August 26, 2011


fallen angel & poet...

Tall Water

Talking in tall water
I see you against the sky
Moving in moon rhythm
Pulling for a fuller tide
Gently now you’re reaching
Preaching proud a brand new day
When you are through searching
I’ll put on a stronger face

Swiftly how in slumber
I read you between the lines
Floating in free rivers
Drifting down and out of time
Softly how you’re lifting
Gazing eyes upon my own
Berry-wine like whispers
Loving lips to lure me home

A mirrored mind’s reflection
I see thoughts you leave behind
Dancing doll dark shadowing
The bitter blinding light
Slowly now you’re turning
Burning brighter than the Sun
Tender eyes to look within
The lying eyes that burn

-LDM, 1997

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