First to Nowhere

September 2, 2011

My Music

I biamped my bass into this beauty...

Starting today I want to try a new format for posting that hopefully works for me. And you, if you are interested in keeping up with this mess. My intention is to post Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 7 pm. Friday will usually be something on the lighter side of the menu: some music of mine, or maybe some pictures or poetry (or something) by me or the lovely Ms. Lisa. Something easy to get the weekend started. The weekend evenings proper should be my more usual stuff because that is probably the only time I will have to write. The weekdays just fly by, what with the little man back in school and me working 10-hour days. So if you are inclined to see what I’m up or down to, you have an idea of when to expect new bloviations of mine. Self-deprecating bloviations. Yeah, let your mind melt on that for a spell. Or not. I wouldn’t…

Tonight I offer up another one of the songs I did in the band Paper Thin. The original music was written by the funny and talented guitarist Mark Davis, Erik Ricklefs composed his great drum parts, and I wrote and warbled the lyrics and melody and muddled the bass. Oh yeah, Mark wrote and sang the middle section, as well. Eric Medley recorded and mixed this one, like the previous Paper Thin song I posted. Fun while it lasted, family took precedence. Click the link below for playback. It may take a moment to download and start…

First To Nowhere  (audio link)

I got more than you, now
She got more than me
Whoa Lord, it’s just a fantasy
Putting up big numbers
Burning down the track
Whoa Lord, how can I ever get back

Beautiful, I don’t feel beautiful
But inside it feels like entropy
Beautiful, I don’t feel beautiful
Tear it down to make it more like me

Details and distractions
Running to and fro
I’m in first, I got nowhere to go

Beautiful, it’s all so beautiful
But I’m frightened by the deep, blue sea
Beautiful, I don’t feel beautiful
Tear it down to make it more like me

(When I shudder I come back to you
And I shiver as I begin to fall
With a small betrayal of the truth
I can feel your call, I come back to you…)

Talking to my sisters, purple-orange glow
Turning to my brothers, more reddish-brown or so
Collision course of people running up that hill
Can’t beat time, can make it all stand still

Beautiful, it’s all so beautiful
But I’m frightened by the deep, blue sea
Beautiful, I don’t feel beautiful
Lay it down and there’s a chance for me

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7 Comments on “First to Nowhere”

  1. Andra Watkins Says:

    Love the photo at the top of the blog. Did you take it?

    Good luck working this schedule. It is hard to find time to write with everything else pressing on us. Now that you have posted a schedule, I can be the bane of your existence and message you when it doesn’t go up on time (like several of my followers do to me……..) Keeps me honest. 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend. I look forward to your ponderings.


    • Brett Myers Says:

      Which one did you get? I have around a dozen uploaded that randomly appear.

      One hiccup already is that it was scheduled to automatically post to Facebook at the same time. Not so much…

      Please be the bane. 🙂 The time can be scarce, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets taunted by ideas at not so opportune moments. Have a great weekend yourself, Andra. I hope I am somewhat returning the pleasure of reading your own ponderings…


  2. wordsfallfrommyeyes Says:

    Your song was good! Do you write songs often?


  3. wordsfallfrommyeyes Says:

    Hey I just read your blog Surface Nuisance but couldn’t comment – there’s no space to comment. But I liked it! I loved the way you called Lisa a mysterious little angel with a broken wing. That was absolutely gorgeous.


    • Brett Myers Says:

      Well, thank you. I very much enjoyed your last post, as well. It is an intriguing pleasure to meet you. 🙂

      There are 2 versions of that last post. One is a regular post, and I copied that into a permanent page for my menu.


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