Blah is a Blah Blah!!!

September 4, 2011



Insert generic gratuitousness here...

Blah…blah blah blah? So, blah celebrity blah the other blah, and blah blah exposed blah’s ‘Blah Blah Blah Blah’. Blah this blah, blah is actually blah, but blah are promoting “Blah of the Blah”. I mean, even with the sexy blah blah, watching Blah Blah on blah is like blahing a blah blah in a blah. (Blah do not blah on blah. For the blah of blah, please do not blah blah, blah, blah blah while blah blah at the blah!) I’m sweating blah while blahing the blah, when I blah the blah blah starting. After watching blah blah blah like a glistening blah blah, it finally blah blah blah…after blah blah blah…blah the great Blah Blah Blah blah this blah: Oh Blah! Blah, babe, with that scandalous blah you might as well blah the blah blah of the Blah Blah blah blah. Blah are heaving blah, blah. Blah of the blah. But blah is still blah in the blah. Blah blah the blah, when blah blah the blah. (And blah is too blah, for blah blah blah. Blah, blah.) And now that blah has bigger blah, blah is a blah tragedy of the blah. I blah blah blah…let’s blah blah…

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7 Comments on “Blah is a Blah Blah!!!”

  1. Andra Watkins Says:



  2. Angie Mizzell Says:

    And a hahahahahahahaha! I can’t believe I used to want to be an entertainment news reporter. But I still read this blah blah blah in the checkout line of the grocery store.


  3. Brett Myers Says:

    Oh, I am certainly guilty of looking over all the gratuitous magazine covers in the checkout line. From Star to Cosmo to Shape. I am tempted to say not much there for the guys, but there I am looking. 🙂 I often smirk some expression of superiority that I am above that crap, then smirk at my smirkiness. Fun is fun, balance is balance… 😀


  4. kateshrewsday Says:

    This is a laugh out loud, Brett. I feel precisely the same. George Orwell would have approved of this, I feel sure. Brilliant post: you nailed it.


    • Brett Myers Says:

      Thanks, Kate. And thanks to Mr. Orwell by proxy. I think I am more in the ‘Animal Farm’ camp than ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’, in that I think ignorance and indifference is as much, or more, to blame for the ills of society as any wickedness and/or cynicism of those wish to lead it. Or is that really the theme of both?


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