Just Let Your Soul Glo

November 12, 2011


It wasn’t like I was looking for any sort of extra excitement in a Publix, on a weeknight, at the intersection of Grown-up Country Lane and New Suburbia Avenue. I’m there for ‘puppy pads’ (though they’re hardly puppies any more), and something else I was trying not to forget then and can’t remember now…

So when I stepped into the only open register lane, I was not intending to catch the eye of a cute, new, coed register employee. I mean, this is the grocery store of yuppies, after all. The female employees are always, if nothing else, attractively kempt. We just quickly looked each other in the eyes and smiled, and she went back to the customer at hand.

I would have thought not much of it, except she was rather more business-like with this young man who was much closer to her age and ‘hip’ looking, as far as I knew. When I stepped up we both smiled again, and her eyes widened and lit up a bit.

Now stay with me, because I am not one to go around thinking of my awesomeness. Hardly. And I am old enough now to realize that these kinds of things often have far more going on in them than physical appearances, thankfully. This was certainly one of those cases. For I am certain she was responding to me radiating a certain energy in her own interpretive way, which really means she was attracted to my wife. (“That’s hot!”)

So let’s back up. I come home from a usual ten hour workday to the little man showered and happily noodling on the computer, while Lisa is in the kitchen finishing up dinner. Timed so that it is warm and ready very soon after I come in. Life is good. No, wait. Life just got even better because she is in the gray tank-top that is just……yeah.

So we start bantering and flirting. Some clever nonsense that is just a prop for the real action that takes place unspoken. The chemistry and electricity that builds up and communicates across the non-void. Akin to the shiny metals of our periodic table, positive ions interlocked in a sea of flowing, shared electrons, we exist as shiny, charged ‘points’ in an ocean of…something.

You know something of what I’m talking about. Ever felt like someone is staring at you? Funny how you often turn your head to the exact location of the source. Ever play the game from the other end in a crowd of strangers? Focus on a person and think “look at me.” There are things to be learned in that practice. There is more going on here than meets the eye.

Lisa and I… We eat, we flirt, we radiate. So when I head back out into the night in chivalrous fashion (which should help me end the night in a very happy fashion),  I am glowing with the effects and affects of love, passion, giddiness, gratitude, and sexual tension. Weeeee!

Clinically clean and sterile…

Buzzing about in some big, bright, boring, suburban grocery store probably made me an easy target for an idle and perceptive young lady. But let me assure you I did what I usually do, pulling the energy back when it becomes personally palpable instead of trying to push karma with needless immediate opportunism. And these days, I consciously shut it down far more out of maturity than social anxiety. Still, once business had been transacted and while we said our polite social valedictions, we looked each other in the eyes again and slightly sparked the always present, tentacled flow of energy between us.

As I walked out to the car, I self-consciously smiled. “Ha! That was fun…and interesting…” I think I actually mumbled aloud. But the smile was indeed sheepish, as I know better than to start immediately writing in-house press. Even if I often forget that I am actually in my late 40s, instead of the late 30s mindset I seem to still default to. I laughed again when I saw my reflection in the rear-view mirror of the car. No, I certainly looked like someone whose face and clothes reflected a long day at work, and the scattered gray portions of my two-week-unshaven face reflected my real age, for sure.

I contemplated the larger context of all this as I drove. I opened back up and swam in the greater ocean of energy and microcosmic juices. Weeee! I smiled and stepped on the gas, getting my ass back into an intimate orbital position with my local source as soon as possible…

“So let your Soul Glo!”


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11 Comments on “Just Let Your Soul Glo”

  1. earlybird Says:

    Hi. Thanks for putting my name up there. I hope you’ve gathered from my comments to Andra that I’m really stretched this month with NaNoWriMo folly so I’m afraid I won’t be participating as much as I should/might like to.

    Like the logic on this one: ‘which really means she was attracted to my wife’ !


  2. kateshrewsday Says:

    Hi Brett: I’ve returned to read this several times. A really beautiful piece, light without the neon, all the non-verbal stuff we so rarely enunciate. Thanks.


  3. Andra Watkins Says:

    What I love most about this piece is your drawing the line between these sparks between people and Soul Glo. I am now singing that song from that movie – wasn’t it an Eddie Murphy movie that contained that product with the ear worm song? It’s one of the most fun things about reading the writing of others, seeing the connections their minds make through the tips of their fingers.


    • Brett Myers Says:

      “Coming To America” (The picture is a link to the wiki page.)

      I think it and “Trading Places” are his best, and such great John Landis Americana. And Eriq La Salle was so pretty! 🙂


  4. elizabethyon Says:

    Hello! My first visit, and right into an amazing, beautiful, funny post. I enjoyed this thoroughly.


    • Brett Myers Says:

      Thank you very much, Elizabeth. This has been a busy, crazy week for me, but I am looking forward to having some time to indulge myself in your writing this weekend. A cursory glance at your blog earlier in the week informed me that this was something I needed to block out attentive time for. Talk to you soon… 🙂


  5. Miss Demure Restraint Says:

    This is a terrific post. You were eloquent to just that right degree as not to be ostentatious. You conveyed the sensuous environment without being crass. You also inject the perfect level of humor. Just plain good writing and I enjoyed it.


    • Brett Myers Says:

      Thank you. I can’t tell you how thoughtful I think it is that you took the time to come, read, and comment while in the whirlwind of being FP’ed. I hope this is the beginning of a longer relationship, but I know you are going to be busy for a while… 😀



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    […] Luck Duck today; my great friend Brett takes your breath away with a luminescent glowing soul at Surface Nuisance; and for Provence at its most seductive, there’s Earlybird at Mangetout and other Stories. […]

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