LED for the VIP (and all the rest of us)

September 20, 2015


Audio Warehouse / Connected Lifestyle Engineering

There you are, facing a rather long aisle of quite an assortment of light bulbs. My, how things have changed. And perhaps you, being the sexy sophisticated person you are, have decided that since you are yet again replacing that same old incandescent bulb, maybe now is time to check out these LEDs you’ve been seeing and hearing more and more about. And now is a good time to check in, because no matter what your motivation LEDs have come to a point that there are positives for all. There are also a plethora of choices, which requires some of that sophisticated knowledge going in. Let’s make sure we’re all in the VIP, shall we? Right this way, please…

The first thing you may notice is that LED bulbs cost more…upfront, anyway. The wisdom is in the longer math. A typical 60W incandescent can run you a little under a buck…

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