About…Hmmm, about…Well, this is about me (’nuff said!), but my intention is for it to be about me, more often than not, in a way that makes me squirm a little, rather than exhibiting some glossy personae that I hope makes me…like… most populous, or something. Sure, I want to talk about things that I am fascinated by and love to learn about, but I also want to mess with myself a bit. I am a bit of an outlier, from what I gather…OK, I’m a little crazy. And instead of burying that in the psychic dungeons of the land of misfit toys so that I can join in the normal reindeer games, I am learning to embrace and dance with my inner crazy. The outer shell tends to crack up a bit, anyway, and I’m thinking it may be high time to ride the dragon (or reindeer. You know? A scary reindeer with…like…rabies, or something) instead of fight with it.

So this is about entertaining myself while better understanding myself, I suppose. I mean, I can only guess what entertains you, and for me that would lead to no good. Is that one of the big differences between art and advertising? Whether you are doing it because you just want/need to, or for the necessity of others to like it (please like this). Don’t get me wrong, it will be fun if lots of folks come around and find something of themselves that they might not normally think about (or want to), in all of this. One of my greatest joys is just learning, and it seems one of the best ways is to at least try to listen to the unique perspective of each and all. OK, maybe not all. But it is fascinating to learn of the different keyholes we each peer through, so please feel welcome to comment in whatever fashion you wish. I even have a Facebook page you can yell at me about.

But the ironic joke on myself here is to really open myself up and not be attached to the result. It seems one of the paradoxes of life: you need to be uncomfortable enough to seek beyond what is too readily accepted, but comfortable enough in your own skin to get out of your own way to be open to what can be ‘seen’ for oneself. (Beyond, say, the realization that you have just strung together too many prepositional phrases.) Writing in some form is an idea that has been bubbling for a little while.

Not long ago, I fell down the well, as I do from time to time. I Googled ‘Crazy’ by Pink Floyd, as I had been singing it to myself at work as a joke to myself to make it through the day. The Trial scene at the end of ‘The Wall’ came up on YouTube. I watched, and listened, and welled up like the big, over-sensitive wuss that I am. “…I sentence you to be exposed before your peers. Tear down the wall!” Yeah…mini-satori (or is that an oxymoron?…koan?)…

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