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Land Snark

October 28, 2012


Snark. The fuel that is propelling our current American culture. Land of the Free, protected by a shallow moat of snark infested waters. It’s the new capital in capitalism. Want to be King Rat of the rat race? Snark is your bait cheese of choice. Want to be involved in the governance of this fine […]

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Plastic Pastoral

October 14, 2012


I am in love with this picture. I really am. I’m giggling right now as I type. Every time I see it, I at least smile. Which is apropos to its origins into my little world. As many of you that know me on the ol’ Facebook are aware, I post a couple of silly […]

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Bathrooms of the Rich and Famous!

October 3, 2011


“I have used the bathroom in many of the largest, richest homes in the Charleston Area.” This is a bit of an inside joke for me (normally said more crudely). Very inside. And funny to me on a few levels; for I am vast, I contain multitudes (eyes rolling). But it may also be just […]

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Blah is a Blah Blah!!!

September 4, 2011



Blah…blah blah blah? So, blah celebrity blah the other blah, and blah blah exposed blah’s ‘Blah Blah Blah Blah’. Blah this blah, blah is actually blah, but blah are promoting “Blah of the Blah”. I mean, even with the sexy blah blah, watching Blah Blah on blah is like blahing a blah blah in a […]

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Flood Stud

June 24, 2011


Stephanie Abrams

Do birds reincarnate into weather ladies? Petite, effete little weather ladies who perch on the set and cheerfully chirp what you are already looking at. Does anyone else miss when The Weather Channel mainly looped local radar images to baby-boomer Muzak?  I mean, you could leave the TV on for days in this state. Now […]

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