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Wooden Ships

December 11, 2011


Adagio sostenuto When I sleep, I usually have dreams of ants. Sometimes, of being an ant. Sometimes, I am alllll of the ants. Sometimes, I am an ant inside myself…seeing myself…exploring myself… Experiencing my-self… In other dreams, the awareness gently withdraws, and I am the vast, weaved web of the sweeping ensemble…yes… My dreams may […]

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What’s this “Surface Nuisance”?

September 3, 2011


Tonight, in three acts, we present the story of why this blog is named ‘surface nuisance’. And I need to make my self-imposed deadline, so let’s not dally… Act I It’s the mid ’80s or so, and I am flunking out of the College of Charleston because I am my somewhat basket case self, and […]

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Twisted Sisters

June 27, 2011


One of my favorite indulgences involves waking up early on the weekend; while it is still quiet, and the dogs and cats and humans are still sleeping, or slow and docile, at least; and meditating for an hour, to begin with. I have been meditating with varying frequency since I was a teenager; actually before, […]

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