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May 25, 2013


Jack hesitated when he finally found the blood-red door and noticed the skeleton for a handle. Just part of the show he assured himself, since he was still in the safer tourist part of the island. Still he had to will himself to continue on, ignoring the internal physical protest. The sun was setting on the main […]

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Wooden Ships

December 11, 2011


Adagio sostenuto When I sleep, I usually have dreams of ants. Sometimes, of being an ant. Sometimes, I am alllll of the ants. Sometimes, I am an ant inside myself…seeing myself…exploring myself… Experiencing my-self… In other dreams, the awareness gently withdraws, and I am the vast, weaved web of the sweeping ensemble…yes… My dreams may […]

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Love, American Style

October 16, 2011


A good Shaman knows that magic is alchemy. Playing with the cations and anions, physically and mentally. I hadn’t learned that yet, at least on a conscious level. I was getting there. Bumbling down the path. Still possessing more energy than sense, which can be hilarious, tragic, and dangerous. The good thing, though, was that I […]

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Twisted Sisters

June 27, 2011


One of my favorite indulgences involves waking up early on the weekend; while it is still quiet, and the dogs and cats and humans are still sleeping, or slow and docile, at least; and meditating for an hour, to begin with. I have been meditating with varying frequency since I was a teenager; actually before, […]

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